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Monitor disconnects when sleep

Tinkerer. June 2021 edited June 2021 in Monitors. I just purchased the CB272U smiiprx and am having an issue where the monitor will disconnect and reconnect when waking from sleep and connected to DisplayPort. This is annoying because all my windows and resized and rearranged and this monitor doesn't seem to wake all that fast.

If your interactive display is connected to a Windows 10 computer, you may notice that it disconnects, and is no longer interactive when you wake the computer from standby or sleep.

Note: After reconnecting with these settings, you may need to disconnect and reconnect your USB display adapter. Windows 7 / Vista . Click the Start button and select Control Panel. Click Hardware and Sound, then click Power Options. Click Change plan settings for the plan you want to change. Click Change advanced power settings.

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The issue is: the USB c ports on my laptop suddenly get disconnected this dosconnecting the secondary monitor and my hard disk and then get connected by them self again. It’s like the laptop suddenly fails to recognise the USB port c devices and then recognised them again. It’s an on and off thing with the USB c port recognition.

Find the keys called SIMULATED. Thats the virtual monitor that microsoft uses when your monitor is turned off. Open it and search for i think ActiveSize.cx and ActiveSize.cy. Change the values.

Jun 19, 2018 · I have a Dell XPS 13 9370 running Ubuntu 16.04 with a monitor connected via a USB-C to HDMI adaptor. This works fine when I boot the laptop, but if the laptop wakes from sleep, the attached monitor doesn't display. The screen still shows as connected under screen display, but no signal is being sent to the monitor..

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