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We used to get liquid that one drop was a fully encompased 24 hr trip in the 80's. But i always felt healthy and the good shit you could sleep on and wake up still tripping.

In our commitment to premium spawn production, research, and innovative mushroom cultivation, we strive to maintain a balance between the ecological and technological realms of fungi. North Spore produces sawdust , plug, and grain spawn for commercial and enthusiast growers, introductory mushroom kits, a line of sterile substrates, and.

7,032. Location: Jefferson State, Hardiness Zone 7B. SporeWorks said: Culture syringes should be stored in the clean ziplock baggie in which they were packaged and placed in your fridge until planned use. Spore prints should be stored in the clean ziplock baggie in which they are packaged. It is best to store this baggie in a cool, draft-free.

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I like the spore depot best for the price on 5+ syringes of cubensis, but sporeworks has the best price on quantity deals of exotics like panaeolus cyanescens. If you choose spore depot, use the code shroom-15 for 15% off. 3. level 2. · 5 yr. ago.. CannabisConnoisseur23 said: Spore depot. Buy 2 for $12 each get 1 free.

From there, you have to contact SporeWorks' phone support team at (802-444-0111) to finish off the payment. Otherwise, a representative from SporeWorks' team will contact you. This may seem like a hassle, but it's put in place to ensure that both parties won't be scammed or experience fraud. "Hand Written" Mail Order.

Mail along with cash, check, or money order payable to "The Spore Works" to: The Works, PO Box 3337, Knoxville, TN 37927 How do I pay with my credit card? Credit card payments are completed via phone ordering. First, finalize your order using our online checkout.

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